Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the mail rolls in....

Life is just a tad more crazy than usual here. My apologies for the almost complete lack of comments around the traps, but there really seem to not be enough hours for all my commitments at present.

As part of that, I am in charge of the school swimming fun day and swimming sports tomorrow,and as a thank you , the Principal found this really cool quilty thing on the internet at a technology inservice today and walked me through it....oh great, needed another website to visit!!! Especially something as unreal as this!! I will go through it again tonight and show the world tomorrow!!

The poor old microwave mailbox positively spills it's contents at the moment( it is kind of like when we first attempted to make popcorn in it...oh the memories!!)
Here's today's update....

Thank you, girls. I was also excited to find out there really is a Springfield. I will be able to share my wisdom with my kids next time the Simpson's are on!
As a big card lover, I am really enjoying the different notecards that are arriving with the parcels as well, more gorgeousness to add to the lovely blocks!
An extra special thanks also to the lovely people at the FAT QUARTER SHOP. I emailed to enquire about backing and they had this Legacy layer cake in the mail to me that night to help with the quilts. Great effort Kimberley and Fat Quarter Shop-and you are always as efficient when I do business with you as well!

A little more internet shopping before I go off to check my swim plans. Missie Krissie is a blog-(the link to the shop is on the top right of her blog page) , she very kindly volunteered to make a necklace for our local quilt-loving fire victim family as she isn't a patchworker. Lise at the Chocolate Cat and myself then visited her site and loved what we saw. She is also wonderfully efficient and my necklace came on Monday.
She has a range of necklaces, keepsakes and bracelets-with the basic premise being she will put your loved ones names on them, nice and small...or anything else you want on.
I can only show you a taste as my family enjoy some privacy, but go over for a proper look, it's great and if you were ordering from the US the prices would exchange even cheaper than the very fair price they are now!!

You can just see a hint of a letter in the bottom right of the disc. That is the size, not overpowering. Any colours, lots of styles.......
I took the pic on the table runner I am working on. It is from the 'fall back in time range', i had some charm squares. I seem to have missed this range in generaland would love some larger pieces, especially the piece in the pic. If you have some and don't need it we may be able to deal!!
Have a great day, Tracey


Stephanie said...

Lots of terrific mail. How very generous of FQ Shop! Wondering how many quilts you'll be able to make in all.

Missie Krissie said...

Thank you! That's the biggest write up I've ever had! Lol. I am glad you are pleased with it! :)

Libby said...

Look at all that wonderful mail *s*

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

I'm so glad our stuff is arriving...bit by bit. We all hope it doesn't overwhelm you! Just know there are lots of other Aussie quilters all over the web doing the same..but not all of them have children, chooks and busy lives as you do. We're all praying for you, too!