Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Chookyblue Donna!!-and "Summer" revealed.

Hey everyone, tomorrow, the 15th August is Chookyblue Donna's birthday, make sure you pop in and say hello!! She gets quite as excited about being around for another quilty year as I do-who cares how old we are, as long as we can still sew and type!!

For those who don't remember, Donna is one of this fun loving band, she is the one at bottom left, surrounded by a few other bloggers like myself, ric rac Jodie and Annie's flower garden at the quilt show in March.

That was a great day and hopefully Donna's will be equally fab tomorrow....she can only hope that the mail only takes a night from here to the near outback, but I think her birthday may have to last longer than just tomorrow-don't you love that!!

Speaking of packages in the mail, I have received a few in the last few days.
The first is my Summer 4SQS quilt.

It doesn't actually have hermit crabs appliqued to it, that is just a joke because someone suggested it would be hard to photograph these new pets with quilts....well, nothing is impossible.
This quilt lends itself to hermit crabs, lovely and beachy!

Here's a close-up! Thank you so much Sherry . I haven't "met" Sherry before and she does lovely work. I can assure her that there is no need to give up swaps on my account! Her quilt will be hung in Australia with pleasure! Thanks also to Margaret who co-ordinated beautifully.

More mail...and a present I just had to share.

Chookyblue Donna sent me this lovely Lynette Anderson note pad, some embroidery thread and one of her lovely cards. I am not going to show all my presents but I know Donna especially will love the plate my friend Robyn found me, lends itself to a stitchery I think.

It is a Plymouth Rock, like this running gentleman of mine.

Have a great day, blogger is taking hours to upload tonight so the rest of the quilt weekend will wait, Tracey


Linda said...

Thanks for the heads up on Donna's birthday... Very handsome chook you have there.

Sweet P said...

What an adorable little quilt! Thanks for letting us know about Chooky's birthday.

Cascade Lily said...

Love the hermit crabs! And your rooster plate. It's lovely receiving mail like that!

Chookyblue...... said...

hmmmmm so your the culprit.......well that is for those lovely birthday wishes I was getting before I blogged about my pleased you love the little goodies I sent you..........did you have to share that was a wonderful day........and I love the chooky plate to have seen some oh that in town here........thanks.......

Needled Mom said...

The quilting weekend looks like it was so much fun. Who cares what the weather was like when you have great projects, friends and a comfortable fire?

It must be interesting to receive a summer quilt when it is winter there. One can always dream about the sailboats and sunshine.

LOVE the chicken plate. It has potential for many projects.

Annie said...

Oh, that was a lovely day back in March. It seems eons ago now. Lovely post for Chooks birthday.

Kim said...

Those tiny little hermit crabs have found themselves a cute quilt to live on. I never knew those crabs were so cute!! You swap quilt is very nice.