Monday, March 24, 2008


Once again, as I wait in desperation for a new season, that is in fact Autumn, I am actually having to think about a completely different season for the Four season's quilt swap.
Spring, glorious Spring- wouldn't that be nice, seeing my roses spring into life rather than this vain scream for water they throw at me now as I wander past, trying not to look!
I am determined to be finished well before time,this is the new me, the one that is going to show you a whole heap of parcels next post FINALLY ready to fly to their promised destinations!
On this note, have a look at this that i found at Beth's blog and couldn't resist looking for my name as well, have you ever done this on Google, it is quite interesting.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I wonder if the other ones of me super organized and efficient and have all their things done early or if they are like me and work through the list according to closest deadlines and only really go into fourth gear with that deadline looming. Hopefully for their sanity it is the former!!!
Anyway, back to the quilt swap, I have even pulled out fabric, some hand dyed I did with our group a few years ago, i love them but have only made one quilt, a baby quilt for my neighbor.
The pastel range

The darker range.

The quilt in the front above was the end result using the pastel shades and some judicious hot pink.
I am thinking about something similar to this for the swap, do you think it looks liks Spring, or am i too early and looks more like a hot Summer? because I have other options. All ideas welcome.

I have had such a successful book experience in the last month. When I went to Adelaide in feb. I got to experience my first Borders...sans DH and kids, how glorious! They had a 3 for 2 sale on and I did really well, loved Mr. Darcy's diary, nicely gives his perspective to Jane Austen's Darcy. Then, without thinking about it I added some more Jane, really enjoyed this, apparently it is a movie that hasn't got to my area yet, anyone read and seen, will I be happy? Very much in the vein of "How to make an American Quilt" in the way it goes from character to character and with the back stories.
Finally, not pictured, is the one I am reading now, "PS I love you." Also a movie apparently -that hasn't got here yet!! I like it as well, I love the idea of letters from the grave!!! I mentioned it to a friend and she said, 'oh, I read that years ago', I said, "so did I, same title anyway..... it was one of the first Sweet dreams books I read as a teeneger, remember them?? They used my pocket money there for a good while, eagerly awaiting the next edition. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't his name something like Paul Strobe and the heroine also had this Palm Spring sticker, hence the P.S I love you. Did he die as well? Go on, confirm it!! You know you read them, they were great!!!And at least they only kissed in those days -teens were teens not mini adults!

Hoping the wind dies down so the paddock burning can take place this afternoon and I can get you some good photos, have a great day...and any of easter that is left. Tracey


Chocolate Cat said...

Tracey, Sad but true I actually do remember those books, no great details though. Not exactly what I am encouraging my teenage daughter to read!! And yes I do finally have my blog set up...Lise

Chookyblue...... said...

hey I like the pastel range you have pulled out for the spring swap......... the quilt with the flowers on it is my fav just don't go as dark as the hot pick as like you say it screams summer..........but I do like the original with the hot pink

Jodie said...

Tracey, those pastels are just spring all over. It will be gorgeous. You were right about the cowboy and the paper towel. I love to reinvent the wheel.
It is raining here but we are not talking about it in case it stops.
Hope your paddock burning went well.

Jodie said...

I do remember those sweet dreams books, but you are doing better than me, can't remember the names although I owned a few..... think one may have been Laurie's Song? No one in America has my name,ie my christian and surname together.
Good luck with the Spring Quilt. Well done on the op shop buying.

Carol said...

Those pastel colours are absolutely delicious, they remind me of sorbet. Lovely! Hope you got the paddock burning all finished before that horrid storm came through. Ick. I thought our house was going to cave in at one stage I felt a shudder when lightening hit something near here.

Oh and 7 people in US with my married name, 86 with my maiden name. Looks like I traded up! LOL

The Calico Cat said...

Those fabrics look spring-y to me!

(I just finished my top fo rthe spring quilt swap. I used florals.)

Summer has me worried... I better start thinking on what to do for that one now.

Andrea said...

I remember the Sweet Dreams books but not the one you mentioned. I have read the one you're reading now and really enjoyed it - I cried quite a lot through it - lol !

Lissa Jane said...

that PS I love you movie was advertised at the cinema's when Hairspray was last year so I think it has been and gone in Australia..
I love those hand dyes.. and I need to get reading happening again, last thing I read was the Civil War Love Letters & Diary quilt pattern books! yep, tragic!


Anonymous said...

I think that quilt with the hot pink definitely looks like spring. Maybe make it in the pastels. It would be very pretty.

Needled Mom said...

Interesting link. I found there is no one with either my married or my maiden name. Guess that I don't exist!!!

The pastel hand dyed fabrics are lucious. Very pretty. It must be difficult for you think of a spring quilt when it is autumn there.

Ruth's Place said...

I think the quilt looks like spring. Love your hand dyes. I didn't read the Sweet Dreams, I read Sweet Valley High remember them? I borrowed them off a friend because my mother wouldn't buy 'such rubbish'...

Cascade Lily said...

Wow I love your quilt with the hot pink flowers, etc!

And yes, I read a lot of the Sweet Dreams books, but don't remember the plot lines!

Beth said...

Oh I LOVED Mr Darcy's Diary! She also wrote Mr Knightley's diary. I'm just a sucker for anything that came from Jane Austen..even if it was just a character! I am going to try some sun reactive dying in a week or so. I hope they come out as well as yours!