Sunday, May 20, 2007

No need for explanations....
Contrary to a recent very funny newspaper report I read about a whole heap of people in a country I wont name buying lambs because thet thought they were poodles...I haven't been tricked!
Meet "Thistle" who was found abandoned a few evenings ago by DS in the paddock. I was picking up DH from another paddock and when I got back my 2 darling children were dressed warmly, waiting on the motorbike with a towel for me to come and help them save the lamb.
Thistle (who was cuddled up to one in the paddock) has settled in very nicely and is being treated like a family member (but sleeps in the cubby house!)

Thistle out walking.

Thistle in one of my good towels! Look on his face as he reflects upon his good fortune...the foxes have missed a meal.

Oh, it was only a few weeks ago I was joking about God laughing at my well-laid plans! Last Monday was a big mistake, I dared to even show you what would be finished and then my one day of teaching stretched to two, then the teacher had her appendix out and I worked 4 full days! So, absolutely nothing was done in the sewing line except a couple of Bingo board squares for Bingo at yesterday's Saturday Quilters, we should have enough squares to now come up with a Qs quilt for charity.
DD has had a funny tummy again this week so a few chiropractor and naturopath visits were slotted in, hopefully she is on the improve now.
This week should see Monday and Tuesday relatively "normal" and then I probably have to finish the teaching week if the appendix has quite healed, let's hope for a quick healing process for DD's teacher. Cheers,~ a messy house beckons! Tracey


Carol said...

You know Tracey, I do believe that pink *IS* Thistle's colour! hehehehe Now if only they could stay that little huh? Too too cute.

atet said...

Awww -- Thistle is a cutie. Hang in there -- you will get back to the creative work. We'll be here when you are done and will be cheering you on!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh what a little cutie! Oh yes, Thistle definitely looks good in your "good" towel - LOL.

Hope that DD's tummy improves quickly.

Susie said...

I love the look on Thistle's face in that towel, but you dd looks precious too! Hope she feels better soon :)

Elaine Adair said...

I did grow up on a farm, with sheep, and fondly remember taking care of those orphaned or abandoned lambs. We even kept one for YEARS as a pet. One actually DID come to school with us.

Your photo brought back fond memories. Thanks! Obviously, Thistle is right at home.

Libby said...

I grew up in the country with an abundance of dogs that landed with us. Folks would bring them and dump right at the start of deer season in hopes an overzealous hunter would do them in. I know Thistle is in for a very cushy life just like those pups were *s*

Ruth's Place said...

Gorgeous lamb! Hoping that DD feels better soon.