Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 things you didn't know about me.

unless you are one of my quilting group who reads this!
I have been tagged by ATET to play along with this game. I think I played along a couple of times when I hit something like my 2000, 4000 and 5000 hits, so I'm not sure there is much left (that I am prepared to share anyway!) but here goes~

1. Managed to have a perfectly successful teaching career without ever drinking coffee, then when I gave up teaching I took up coffee drinking pregnant because that was what I craved. That craving never stopped though I have swapped the 2 sugars for Equal so slightly diluted the vice.

2. Allergic to wine/champagne, actually I think it is preservative 220 but it only worries me in wine form. I am now almost old enough that I can politely say no and cope with the fact that people think I am a party pooper rather than spend all night sneezing, wheezing and having an itchy throat! Fortunately whisky and Pepsi max is just fine!

3. Nearly 175 cm tall, think that's up around 5 foot 9', not sure as I can't find my conversion calculator.

4. Have a Graduate Diploma of Theology to add to the teaching stuff.

5. Accounting is the only thing I ever failed at Uni or anywhere. (Was doing my Bachelor externally, threw in Accounting because I thought it may be interesting, couldn't get the hang of it without a lecturer, then my best friend had a brain haemmorage and spent a month in the Melbourne hospital, I spent all my nights visiting her so her parents could have a break and didn't pass the exam!) I am actually quite good with figures but not in that course!

6. I have a terrible feeling I would be grey if I didn't give into vanity!

7. I love car racing.
Now one of the things you do know about me is that I like to buy fabric, here are the latest purchases (from eQuilter.) Don't you just love that Blue Hawaii Elvis! ...what i mean is, don't you think my DD and Mother will love that Blue Hawaii Elvis! DD wants some appliqued to a t-shirt! There is a bit more Heather Bailey in there as well, and a great black and white geometric pattern that I can't wait for a spare 5 minutes to play with! The spots were just 'cos.

We are having the most amazing mushroom season here ever, I have never seen anything like it. I think that the ground was so very warm when the rain came that they have just erupted. I am living on them as I am the only family member who likes them. Mushroom sauce on steak, mushroom gravy on toast, roasted mushroom with worcestershire and parmesan cheese, bacon and eggs with mushrooms...the list goes on! Have a great day, I'm heading off to try a new therapist for DD's tum, then having the rest of the week at school, Cheers, Tracey


joyce said...

I'm allergic to wine too but I always get a hangover-level headache immediately. Takes all the fun out of it. You could send a few of those mushrooms over this way. I love them but I don't know enough about them to pick wild ones.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi! How do you know which mushrooms to pick?? I love them too. When we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan there was a restaraunt that made a warm salad with just different wild mushrooms and butter. YUMM!!!
Have a great day!

Leigh said...

Yum! I love mushrooms too.
Hope you get on ok with your daughters tummy problem :-)

Lily said...

Blergh! Mushrooms - you can have 'em! LOL. Toadstools have sprung up all over the place here too.

That Elvis fabric is kinda funky. In a strange way...!

Ruth's Place said...

The mushrooms look delicious.

A teaching career without coffee! I'm really impressed, that's when my addiction started lol. I've given up while pregnant, and it's killing me.

Screen Door said...

I wish I were that tall- how cool !?!?

Kim said...

Okay, you love car racing. Is that watching, or driving? And I echo what most of the other gals said--I love mushrooms too but I'd probably poison myself if I cooked any wild ones. How do you know? Or do you just know a couple varieties that are safe and stick with those?

atet said...

Oooh -- you can send some of the mushrooms my way -- yummmmmm!!!!

Love the fabric purchases! I have some of that same dot that I purchased "just because" about a year ago. Those Elvi (plural of Elvis??) are fun and funky -- think they do need to go on a t-shirt!

gwen said...

Thanks for sharing the 7 funny things about you. The mushrooms look gorgeous. I love picking them (and eating them!) as well. Just not the right season over here though. Take care.

QuiltingFitzy said...

How did you ever determine it was Preservative 220? I am TERRIBLY allergic to all alcohol, but have no idea what the particular item is! Can you say HIVE city, oh, it's pretty ugly, inside and out. There seems nothing worse than be the life-less of the party, lol.

The mushrooms look utterly fantastic. I would be in heaven!

Tonya R said...

Whee, fun elvis fabric - glad you splurged adn got some to spoil mum and daughter. Theology, eh. Wouldn't have guessed that one.