Friday, April 15, 2011

It's hard work being a a cat! Take 2..hopefully with pics!

Hmm, why would blogger steal the photos, how odd! We'll try again!

Magnum, "oh fertile one!" has just had her 3rd lot of kittens in 7 months, we keep missing the window for the snip! She gets pregnant too quickly.

Anyway, these are her new babies, I want one of these for a card, which is your favourite?

And if a catchy caption comes to mind, well I'm always very appreciative of those! There's even Mother's day coming up, if any appropriate ones jump out at you there.

Have a great day, Tarcey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It isn't all happy endings..

Sad news this week, the little boy who received the Quilt for Leukeumia quilt back in September passed away. I have been fortunate to be a part of his family's struggles since September by way of Facebook, and I can only pray that it is never anything that I have to face first hand.I am also very thankful that I could help to bring comfort and support to this great little boy. Cancer is a terrible thing, and medical research in this country needs to be gaining more money, not potentially be cut in half as is currently suggested. No-one should have to watch their little boy suffer like that. As they say, what a wonderful thing it will be when we need to have cake stalls to fund a war and hospitals and schools get all they need.

On a lighter note, and mainly because I don't want to leave all sad and political, fruit's in!! I have made my first batch of Clare's fig and walnut chutney (with home grown figs and walnuts)....looked BAD prior to cooking...slightly offputting, but beautiful after, haven't got a pic, I'll take one the next batch. I did it in the slowcooker, worked a treat!

This is my Mother-in-Law's ripe tomato chutney potion!! It is my family's favourite thing and pressure is always on for it to be good. A 6 hour cook, boiled down even darker than this third pic and is beautiful. Gotta love the smell.

Back soon, more stuff cooking. Hug your babies tight, love Tracey

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Real love...or a great scratching post!

Archie and Shaggy spend every day like this, hard to get photos...the glass distorts them and if I go outside they both run to me. But I had to share these few I took.
Any good ideas for a suitable caption???

Archie waiting patiently for Shaggy to return!!