Friday, December 31, 2010

'Tis hot, darn hot!!!

Posted by PicasaMust not stay here long...20 due here for new year's eve pool party in 2 hours and I'm just home from the beach, got to above 38 degrees here with shocking winds.
Thought I'd quickly share some onset of summer pics from my garden, can't decide which butterfly one I like best, can you??
What about my dragonfly, thought he was cute!
The quilt went to my boy's retiring school teacher/ head teacher. My daughter had her last year and adored her, so we felt she was quilt worthy!!! Not everyone you quilt makers know!!
Hope your New year's eve is wonderful...and safe!!
Tune in tomorrow for a little competittion to celebrate the new year and the fact I'm back to blogging...think there was a 4 year blogiversary I missed as well!!! Cheers, tracey!!


Calidore said...

Have a wonderful New Years Eve. Sounds like you will be busy.

Margaret said...

Wishing you an eventful New Years Eve.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I like the "wing-open" butterfly best...since you asked! The dragon fly is cute...tho I really, really don't like them!

Happy New Year!! You're starting off 2011 with a BANG.

Chocolate Cat said...

I like the 1st butterfly photo! Way too hot for me yesterday. Which teacher was the quilt for??? Happy New Year to you and your family, maybe we will get those stitching days this year that we always talk about!