Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blog v. kids movies!

The televisions have been commandeered by the Junior members of the house tonight.

School holiday movies, in Madagascar and Looney Tunes Back in Action are on and DH is off looking at a I have tip toed off to the computer. Felt like a change from cooking as well....4 slabs of Hedgehog today, 150 ANZAC biscuits, 200 sausage rolls, pinwheels that weren't the sewing kind and mini quiches are now all safely packed away in the freezer, but no sewing of my own to share. The down side to being organized for shearing.

I forgot to post this photo from our last quilting meeting.

It is another of our strips of friendship that we did a few years ago in the group. You gave a theme and then the rest of the group added appropriate strips a/c to general instructions, eg, 6 inch and must include applique, or a home,hearts, squares, etc.The owner then put them together, added borders etc. Helen had hers professionally quilted locally and was very happy with it. Bet you can't guess her theme!

At our last quilt meeting I emptied out a bag of flannels I thought may be good for a shaggy and discovered close to a finished quilt top! Cool surprise, I think I must have been making it about the time I shifted into the sewing room so it got put in a bag and forgotten, it took a little bit of fun to work out but I think I was aiming for something like this-
It needs putting together, so has gone on the "when I have finished current projects" list. I wonder why that never gets any shorter?! I really love the panel in the centre, so it will definitely be finished. Have a great weekend, Tracey
Above picture is some more of my succulents.


Elaine Adair said...

Row quilts are my favorite! This is just wonderful!

Lily said...

Love the sunlight coming through the succulents' leaves :)

Wow to all that baking too! And a nearly finished top!

Anne Ida said...

The R by R is wonderful, and what a great surprise to find a quilt top in the bag :o)

joyce said...

What a treat to find a nearly finished quilt! it's beautiful too.

atet said...

Finding a nearly finished quilt is always a bonus! It's lovely -- and I completely understand why you snuck away. If I have to see "Flushed Away" one more time, I think I may try going down the drain myself!