Sunday, September 30, 2007

Can I have my cake and sew as well???

Good news here, the Geelong Cats successfully broke their 44 years Australian Football Premiership drought yesterday.

So DH's Godson's 10 am birthday party at a fellow Cats supporter's home ended up meaning we did not make the 2 km trek back to here until 9 pm last night! It was the kind of walkover I would normally hate, except it was the family's team so it was ok.

We were talking about exercise at the party, the Godson's mother has 4 kids under 7. Her 'me time' is that she gets up at 5.30 am from Monday through Friday, drives the 30 kms to the gym and is home by 7.15 am to get the kids organized for the day.

Now, I am in awe of this, but it is not my way, I am an evening person, I only do mornings because I have to. Outside of School terms mornings are very flexible around here. (read : Mum gets up at 9 am!!) Also, it is the only time I am guaranteed to see my husband, who likes quality time and I kind of like it when my little boy sneaks in for cuddles, but don't tell him that!

But, there lies the problem. Summer is looming and with it comes the knowledge that we have a pool in which a fair few of my friends swim and that the beach is just about everyone's favourite place.

It is time for the annual ship it all back into shape. I require motivation to achieve, in the past I have had a competition that was to involve fat quarter rewards, with my darling friend Susan, but someone who shall remain nameless (Susan!!) went and got pregnant which does tend to make a weight loss program slightly difficult! I achieved great results with my sister another year, natural with our competitiveness, but there is the slightest hint she may not be immune to Susan's complaint, so she is out! Dawn in Korea and I talked about it online, but then both of us got caught up with life distractions, so i am on my own. I am motivating myself with a reverse fabric diet, only allowed to buy fabric if I have lost some weight.

The last few days I have done pilates regularly, boxed for a few minutes at a time, done some walking and gone bike riding with the kids but I am already seeing results and they are unfortunately not the ones I wanted.

When you do pilates while watching TV, you can't sew, same goes for boxing, bike riding and walking. So the time you have free where you sneak in your sewing decreases rapidly if you need to exercise, and really we all should do that.

So, I want the quilting women of the world to unite!!! Surely, somewhere, somehow, there is a way in whick we can sit, sew AND exercise. Surely if people can invent abtrainers, electricity, the internet(which I really don't get) and padded bras, then surely someone can help the quilters so they have time to do everything they want AND still look like Elle in a bikini!!! What say you, do we unite and start putting political pressure???? Tracey

"It is no good saying, "we are doing our best." You have got to succeed in doing what's necessary."

Winston Churchill (who looked a little like he needed one of these inventions that exercises us as we sew as well!!!)

The bees on my lavendar


Juliann in WA said...

Funny post Tracey! I have an eliptical machine so I can watch a quilting show or listen to a book on my mp3 player while I exercise. I also read a fun article about putting your cutting mat in one room, your ironing in another, and your sewing machine in yet another room preferably with some stairs between the three. Then you get your exercise going up and down while you quilt!
Good luck. We are moving into winter with those wonderful bulky sweaters and coats here.

Sweet P said...

A wonderful post to read while sitting on the couch with the TV on, my laptop on my lap and stitching waiting to be done next to me. Did I add that the scale was not kind to me this morning?

If you find the answer, let us know.

Carol E. said...

Oh, isn't it the pits? I used to be so thin! I don't know what happened. It sneaked up on me, and now I'm an elephant. I guess it could be worse, at least elephants are cute.

Gizmo said...

Good luck!! I'll be cheering you on from here. I can't wait to haul out my Winter gear, and hide my disappointing Summer diet.

anne bebbington said...

Oh Tracey you do make me laugh - I have this hilarious mental picture of a fairly well padded lady wielding a rotary cutter whilst puffing away on an exercise bike - recipe for a sliced finger. My ever-complimentary DH always says I must have callouses on my behind from all the sitting and stitching I do!

anne bebbington said...

Actually having now read Juliann's post I do qualify as I have my sewing machine in the playroom at the front of the house and the ironing board in the conservatory at the back so I have to walk through the hall, kitchen and dining room between the two - however sadly the chocolate that seems to inadvertedly slip between my lips negates the effect of all this exercise - shame!

Cheryl said...

Great post...gave a good chuckle. I like your fabric motivation. I've been in an intense exercise program for the 8 weeks. I haven't lost pounds (isn't it stones for you?) but I've lost a lot of inches. My energy level is high, and I feel so good. Hadn't heard that Winston Churchhill quote before, but I like it.

Laurie Ann said...

Did you say you had a link to your 30+ pill thing or would do a post? I can't remember and I deleted the message and now I am here looking for it.

Fiona said...

Remember how I was going to cycle to my new job? So why did my friend e-mail me to say 'I just saw your double, in a car just like yours, driving to college!'

atet said...

LOL...well, I don't know about the quilting and exercise. But, what about another hobby combined with exercise? I know you are having tons of fun with your camera -- what about daily photo safaris? Take your camera and go for a walk -- get in practice with your photos (and probably some GREAT shots) and exercise while you're at it!

Carol said...

Read the lot, but the one thing I must comment on, being a born and bred Geelong gal ... YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops, got carried away. I paid homage to our great boys on my blog, go have a look, LOL.

McIrish Annie said...

Finally catching up to you! You seemed as busy as always. Love your son's quilt. Sorry we are getting you topsy turvy with the seasons here in the US!! LOL.

Enjoyed your shopping expedition and would have loved a massage as well. Glad to see things are going along!