Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How does the Olympus SP550 sound?
It has 18x optical zoom and takes a fantastic close up as well, I think I love it!
Anyone know or think otherwise?
I made an absolute idiot of myself testing all the cameras out while I killed a few hours in town when DD got in some School this afternoon. That is the biggest pain about living 30 kms from town, you can't just drop and run!
I swapped the camera for my purse and took it out on the street to test it, I zoomed in, took the flowers in the pots abd did a lot of distance shots- people were looking at me very strangely!
I have to kill an entire day tomorrow (DD is attempting to perform with her choir at the Eisteddfod) and think I may get the camera, so speak now or forever hold your peace!
We have our Children's hospital appointment, Monday week, (I went private to shorten the wait) it's 6 pm so looks like DD and I will get 2 days in the city, hope she's up to where is that old stroller??....
Must run, am missing Prison Break quality(?) time! Tracey


Elaine Adair said...

LOL - this camera purchasing is a educaitonal process! I went into Walmart and told him I wanted one, and wrote the check, and THEN I learned all about Cameras! Had NO idea what I was buying, but am still learning, 2 years later. I have a Kodak (Easy Share?) .. something or other. After I was home and read the book, I discovered I even had sound! and video!!! who woulda thunk!

My DH and I had to schedule a learning time each night for several days, to figure what it was all about, being neophytes.

I recently bought the book, .. . something like "Digital Cameras (or Downloading Digital ...) for Dummies" which is a wealth of great information. Maybe cost is a good determinator ... I had $300.00 to spend so that's what I bought. Kinda high, but I was/am so ignorant. AM VERY pleased with my camera. It is a little large in my hand.

YOu will probably need an extra memory card, and some people like to have an extra rechargable battery.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun playing with the camera. Good for you. I won't say anything to dissuade you from your decision because in a couple of weeks I'll be buying the new Nikon D40x - I can't wait!

Libby said...

Seems like all the camera choices wind up being a personal thing. If it fits you right and does all the things you are looking for . . . go for it. I'll most likely be out there looking for a new one soon, too.

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, it seems like forever since I've caught up with you. Those lambs are absolutely adorable! And the kitten in the vase is too cute! I've loved reading all the info on the cameras. I'm still not sold on the one I bought. There are certain things I just love, but others not working quite as I would have liked.

Leigh said...

If you get sick of hanging around up at the kids next week, pop down to Geelong and I'll take you fabric shopping,lol. :-)))

Carol said...

OMG I think I'm in love with your camera too. I say "YOUR" camera cause you know you want it. It's calling your name. I have a 10 optical zoom and I adore that, so an 18 optical zoom would have me in raptures. Do it! You know you want to. LOL

Hope the hospital visit turns out okay. Thinking of you.

Ruth's Place said...

My husband who is a photography fundi (my latest south african word - means expert) helped me choose my camera. Yours looks lovely - not that I am in any way camera knowledgeable.

Good luck at the children's hospital. Enjoy your two days in Melbourne.