Friday, December 30, 2011

She sews...and sews some more!

This exciting thing is a sewing machine...with fabric! I am doing my annual pre-New-Year -panic-get-organized-and-throw-stuff-out routine and found this hancock's black and white jelly roll in a safe place. As a reward for the previously mentioned attempts at controlling the objects that invade my home annually I got the machine out yesterday to sew.

The previous day I had picked up a double bed woollen rug at the op shop

(yeah, yeah, I know, I was meant to be throwing stuff out!) for $4! I decided to cut it in half and do a bit of a string sewing arrangement, but with the whole width of the strips to save time and wastage...seeing I wasn't having to work with scraps.

Then I just cut 8 and a half inch blocks from it when i had some strips down...wanted to see how it worked, but ALSO, had decided I really liked the fabrics and had a plan B! I sewed the blocks I had done into a groovy pillow sized cushion for my couch...with some of the wool blanket on the for me!
Then I addressed Plan B, string skirt for me!! I really like it and intend wearing it at my New Year's Eve party. Forgive me for the knees!
It's funny, if DH cleaned out the office, it would not involve sewing, i am completely he often shakes his head over, I like new ways of storing stuff and creative ways of utilizing what i have.

I hate the fact that there are curtains in front of my computer, would prefer something useful like a notice board, well today i converted them to storage!! This is very much a WIP photo, The plastic pockets are sewn on the bottom, but pinned into sections..I am waiting to see how functional it is before i sew the sections. The little ipod pen holder is also only pinned on, though the actual thing is sewn completely. So far I am liking it, so handy for photos and notes and...anything!

Grace i the Us has received and opened her SSCS swap parcel, so I can show you what I sent here, The big wall hanging has plastic pockets (sensing a theme?) for displaying her cards and photos. I put a few cards in there, Then there is a stirchery bag and various miscellaneous items.

At the beach on Wednesday, ready to spend some days down there with the family, loved this little fellow.

And this was my Christmas morning sunrise, Looks almost like a Stairway to heaven i thought. Was my reward for feeding all my animals at 6.30 am!

Hope you are getting in the New year spirit, want to share your plans or preparations? I have 35 + coming for the pool! Cheers, Tracey

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas!! Again..

Merry Christmas!!

Some of you Northerners may only be just getting going, but for me it is already Boxing Day. I have performed in a Church drama, driven a round trip of over 200 kms to my family for lunch and hosted DH's extended family here for tea...looking forward to a restful day of Australia in the Boxing Day cricket tomorrow while eating left over prawns and desserts! bliss.

Can't go to bed without showing you the lovely gift i received in Chookyblue's SSCS this year, it is from Andrea, Welsh quilter.

Beautiful work, Andrea, and perfectly chosen, Thank you!! Can't show you mine as it may not be opened yet...soon!

Some other shots....My girl made two Gingerbread houses, from scratch!
The poopin reindeer helped demolish this one!

A true "family" shot of my brother with nieces and nephews...some stubborn, some uncooperative, some happy, some sad. it takes all kinds to make a family, but all equally as important. Hope your day was great, back soonest! Tracey

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is a step closer...

My present has arrived for Chookyblue's secret santa swap, it is from Welsh quilter, Andrea, who i have known a few years on here. I have only opened my ornament, as requested, and am waiting for Christmas day for the rest, thanks Andrea, very excited! Here is the ornament.

Onto a few photos for you..

A gymnastic caterpillar on Queen Anne's lace...

My SSCS presents!

A present i made for our Quilter's breakup, it is a card holder with plastic pocket.. shocking pic!

My son came into tell me there was good light and ladybirds piggybacking...

Gotta love an inch long baby praying mantis

And here is my shearing photos in "Downunder" magazine. They have asked for some more.

Some black and white succulents

...and a hatching chicken....lots of those happening around here, 13 today!

I have now photographed almost 25 woolsheds for the book, so staying well out of trouble. My kids broke up school last night, boy is deputy school captain for next year and DD won the service award, so everyone was happy.

have a great day, catch you very soon, Tracey

Leave you with this year's decorated hay bales at our local annual laternenfest.