Friday, September 17, 2010

Join me to ban dressy functions for the over 40's!!!

When I was 20, there was nothing better than dressing up and going to a formal or semi formal event....New dress, shoes, hair taking an hour and makeup on, even though in those days little trowelling was required to cover up!!
Now, at "over" 40, the idea of attending a function like this is just a pain 'cos....
- I forgot to get miraculously skinny this week and now I have to go out with a heap of 20 something netballers. And no, it is not good enough for the soul just to keep imagining they wont be skinny when the netball stops and the babies come!!
-I can't be bothered wasting perfectly good fabric-buying-money on a new dress when there are a few I fit into already in the cupboard (that are only worn once or twice and not cotton so I can't cut them up- so may as well wear them!!!)
-The one dress that doesn't make me run screaming to the pantry to madly throw all the food out requires a FAKE TAN! Do I need to say more!
-It is cold here..and I want to be warm and cosy all night. I don't own a formal dress that keeps me warm and cosy and I draw the line at a Cardy! Fake tan does not keep me warm!

...pass me the chocolate....
fixes everything!
And join my new dressy function ban!
ED. Note!! AND the fact that i hate that I am spending more time choosing the right suck-it-in underwear than the dress!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bits and bobs...

After missing so much blog time I seem to have a good few photos floating around to share!

Aprons have been the in vogue item, I made this one a month or more ago for a friend of my sister, my girl has made one that it hopefully close to arriving at it's stitchery swap destination...and here is the one she received from her lovely partner, Angel.
Perfect for her, she is the cupcake queen! I will show the one she made when it arrives at its home.
The kittens have been fun, the final one is still here, the long haired black is the one who has stayed to look after us.The others all have homes.A cute family...hogging my couch!
My lovely friend Robyn was here stitching this a week or two ago. A very long labour of love, I thought it was worth sharing, it's a cross stitched Christmas stocking, it hasn't got its black shading stitching yet, but doesn't it look great!
And, it wouldn't be my blog without some farm shots, SO many rainbows this year, quite like this one!
And more overcast skies, this times with galahs in my tree.

And, to leave you on, this little fellow was voluntering to be next when we were lamb marking. Pick me, pick me!!
Hope you are getting some sewing done, cheers, Tracey
ps sitting up watching the AFL footy show tonight, well done to Shane Crawford who has run almost 800 kms in the last 10 days for Breast cancer, over $400,ooo raised. Well done Crawf, you are a legend! Between him, and Jim Stynes cancer battle story, I am feeling quite emotional! Inspirational men...

Friday, September 10, 2010

The warm..and the wet!

Where do those weeks go?
But look, at least one completed quilt to show you, this needs to go in the mail for Quilts for Leukeumia, I love the red and white!
Can't believe it has been so long since I was around the computer! Work finished...boy, I give a lot of credit to all of you who work full time with kids...and quilts,..and husbands..and whatever else as well, it's crazy! Then we headed off for a much needed break to sunny Queensland! Helped lift everyone's spirits, it has been awfully wet here, the crops are all sodden and have been underwater now for over 5 weeks...not good! The rest of the state is having major rainfal as well, lots of flooded towns. That's the joy of this country, "of droughts and flooding rains!!" Such apt words Some years too dry, some too wet!

Here's the warm weather...of Queensland... me.Me and my boy on the beach

Me and my boy "helping" dad cook the BBq on the rooftop, unfortunately it had a distracting spa!! And i am sure I am only holding a can of softdrink and a book!

And here is what home looks like...

This should be a cropping paddock!

And this!

And this should be a road!!

Lucky the holiday was fun because the DD is not a a happy camper about his farm!

I haven't taken too many pics because it's too depressing and NOT what we want to remember! But, of course, many on Australia and Pakistan are far wetter and far worse off, Pakistan really puts a loss of income into perspective.

Hope you are all well, Tracey